The following neighborhoods are in District 1:

* Brickyard
* Carver Heights
* Cloverdale
* Cuyler / Brownsville
* Downtown Savannah
* Feiler Terrace
* Godley Park
* Highlands
* Historic Victorian
* Hudson Hill
* Metropolitan
* Ogeecheeton/Dawes
* Tremont Park
* West Forsyth
* West Savannah
* Woodville

Savannah Aldermanic District 1:

* River Street (Savannah River) East to Price Street
* Price Street South to Liberty Street
* Liberty Street West to MLK Jr. Blvd.
* MLK Jr. Blvd. South to Hall Street
* Hall Street East to Bull Street
* Bull Street South to East Park Avenue
* East Park Avenue East to Price Street
* Price Street South to 34th Street
* 34th Street West to Montgomery Street
* Montgomery Street South to Victory Drive
* Victory Drive West to Ogeechee Road
* Ogeechee Road (Hwy 17) South
to the Garden City Line
* Godley Park and the Highlands
Public Safety
Neighborhood Quality
Poverty Reduction
Economic Development
Zoning/Land Use
Governmental Efficiency
I entered public service to be an advocate for my community. Please contact me if you need assistance resolving issues and community needs.
Click HERE to see a map of my district. If you are not sure, feel free to get in touch.
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